Meet Buddy Rudd

Vice President

S.R. 'Buddy' Rudd, Jr.

Buddy Rudd was born in Greensboro, NC to parents that knew a little something about property management and exceptional customer service. His father spent his career managing luxurious, upscale hotels and as Buddy began his career in real estate and property management, it became evident that he picked up a thing or two from his father. He decided to call Oak Island home and raise his own family there after spending many wonderful vacations there throughout his childhood. He soon started his career in property management, and as he often said, “Pop’s hotel was 14 stories tall, mine is 14 miles long!”

Buddy has been with Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc., REALTORS® since the very beginning and over the past 30 years he has proven to be an innovative leader in every sense of the word. He quickly realized that special laws were needed to protect the homeowner and their investment as well as the individual renting the home. As a board member of the Vacation Rental Managers Association, the committee introduced legislation that Governor Jim Hunt signed into law as the Vacation Rental Act in August, 1999.

In 2007, Buddy was named the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® 2007 REALTOR® of the YEAR, the highest award a REALTOR® can receive from a peer group. He has an impressive service record and although he prefers to be in the background, it is his constant presence and support that sets him apart. He is the most hard-working individual you’ll ever find, he is genuine and humble and always smiling. Most importantly, he is and always has been strongly committed to his community, his profession and the real estate industry while adhering to the highest ethical standards and quality service.

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Professional Service & Honors

North Carolina Real Estate Commission

  • NC Real Estate Broker since 1983
  • Member NC Real Estate Commission Task Force
  • Appointment to Commission - 2007-2014

North Carolina Association of REALTORS®

  • Graduate, NC Realtors Institute – 1988
  • NCAR Property Management Division Chair-2000 Vice Chair-1999
  • Board of Directors 1998-2000 2003 2006-2007
  • Convention Committee Co-Chair 2001-2006 Chair-2007
  • Citizenship Award-2002
  • Ben Ball Community Service Award-2002
  • NC Real Estate Education Foundation Secretary-2001 President Elect-2002 President-2003
  • RPAC – Realtors Political Action Committee Life Member-2000 Sterling R-2000-2003 Golden Member-2003 Golden R-2005-2008
  • Hall of Fame Award-2005
  • Kemp C. Clendenin Award “NC REALTOR® of the YEAR”-2007
  • NCAR Service Award-2007

Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®

  • Director-1995-2001
  • REALTOR® of the Year Award-1998
  • President Elect – 1998
  • President-1999
  • Outstanding Service Award-2006
  • Outstanding Service Award-2007
  • REALTOR® of the Year Award Committee-2009
  • NCAR Awards Task Force Committee Chair-2008-2010
  • NCAR Awards Task Force Committee Member-2011
  • Legislative/RPAC Committee Chair-2011
  • Legislative/RPAC Committee Member-2012-Present

NC Vacation Rental Managers Association

  • Board of Directors-1997-2000

Brunswick County Tourism Development

  • Authority Appointee 1999-Present

BSouthport-Oak Island Chamber of Commerce

  • Director-1996-1999
  • Vice President, Tourism-1996-1999
  • US Open King Mackerel Tournament
  • Founding Member and Chairman-1981-1982 Board of Directors-1981-Present